How to prevent uPVC expanding

By on 13th August in Home Inspiration

As we all know, uPVC is used in many home improvement products nowadays as it’s durable, easy to clean and has a prolonged lifespan, but as with the majority of materials, it is susceptible to swelling and contracting with intense heat and cold. So how can we prevent uPVC expanding?

How can you prevent your uPVC windows or doors from expanding in the heat?

In extreme heat, you may have noticed your windows or doors becoming stiff or not opening or closing properly. This could be because the uPVC has swollen. According to at 40ºC your uPVC can expand by up to 2.4cm, which is quite a lot.

Do not worry though, your windows and doors are not going to break, this is a perfectly natural occurrence. It will actually sort itself out – as when the Sun sets, your windows and doors will retract, returning to normal.

In extreme circumstances you can cool down your uPVC by patting it down with a cold, damp cloth or alternatively spraying the outside with water. This should help the uPVC shrink back to size and work freely once more.

 Anglian window on a sunny day - How to prevent upvc expanding