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There’s a gap between my window pane and the frame – what do I do?

top hung casement window in white knight uPVC

If there’s a gap between the window pane and the frame, you have a seriously defective window that has been manufactured incorrectly. You wouldn’t get this with an Anglian window as all of them are manufactured to the exact measurement of the glass using precise machinery.

If the gap is between the beading and the pane of glass – meaning it can move forwards and backwards in the frame - this could be a simple fix. It is likely that the beading has popped out of position and can be pushed back in. Check to see if it has lifted away from the frame at all around the edge.

Alternatively, it could be caused by the wrong beading being used, which would need replacing with the correct material. For example, you could have a double glazed window with triple glazing beading, which would mean the glass isn’t tightly encased.

Should this occur or you have any queries about the above, give Anglian a call. We’re happy to advise and have helpful engineers available to correct the issue.