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My door handle is broken

Close up of gold front door handle and locking mechanism from Anglian Home Improvements

If your door handle has broken, it's important to get it fixed as soon as possible - you don't want to compromise the security of your home. You may have noticed a couple of issues with your door handle that could be easily fixed, and the below advice may help you solve it – otherwise, feel free to call us here at Anglian.

Trouble with the key

Occasionally, your door key may become difficult to use. If you're having trouble getting it into the barrel of the lock, first check that there isn't anything obstructing it. It's important to check this on both sides of the door.

Once you're sure there aren't any obstructions, try using a graphite pencil. Rub the pencil onto the key and insert it and remove it from the cylinder a number of times to aid movement within the cylinder itself. This should help your key to work more smoothly.

A loose lock

If the barrel part of your lock is starting to come loose, don't worry - this can easily be tightened up again. First you need to locate the screw that keeps the barrel in place, this should be on the long side of your door, level or thereabouts with the lock. If there's more than one screw here, it'll most likely be the larger one. Tighten it up and your barrel shouldn't be loose anymore!

If you're having trouble with your door handle, give us a call and one of our engineers will be more than happy to help. We have stores up and down the country, which means we can quickly send out our staff to your home, so you needn't worry about the issue compromising your security.

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