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Why does my conservatory roof leak?

A Veranda conservatory roof

All conservatories are designed to be watertight and shouldn’t let in any water no matter how hard it rains. If your conservatory roof is leaking then there is a gap or crack where there shouldn’t be and this needs to be assessed by a professional. Note down as much information about the leak as you can – do you know where the leak is coming from? When does it happen? Is it worse if the wind is blowing a certain direction? Take photos as well if you can. All this will help diagnose the problem much faster.

A leak can lead to all sorts of problems within your conservatory, from damage to flooring, walls and furniture to electrical faults. This is why it is important to diagnose and cure quickly – if you leave it too long, it could be extra cost to you repairing more damage. 

When looking for a conservatory leak check along the finial point, the wall to which the conservatory is adjoined or along the beams between each pane of glass. These are the most common areas affected by leaks. You will need a professional to come out to assess the damage further and put a fix in place as quickly as possible. This will possibly require them to remove panes from the roof and resealing the area they’re connected to.

We wouldn’t recommend you trying to fix a leak yourself as this could void your warranty, cause more damage and you could put yourself at risk of harm.