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A Window in my Conservatory has Blown or Misted up

This means there is a problem with the sealed unit, and moisture is getting in. Even a small hole can allow moisture in, so the problem may not be visible.

If the glass panes of your sealed unit become misted, it will affect the performance of the window. Heat will escape more easily through the glass, so it’s worth replacing it. If left untreated, moisture will accumulate inside and pool at the bottom of the unit.

The hole causing the misting can be anywhere on the seal around the glass panes. This makes it difficult to diagnose and fix quickly. A crack or chip in the window could be the cause. This is usually more noticeable. In either case, you will need to replace the entire sealed unit.

Our gas-filled sealed glass units have a 15-year guarantee. So if you experience issues with your misted double glazing within this time, please call us or request a service visit.

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