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How to Find and Fix Door Draught Problems

Just like double glazing, a properly sealed door keeps the heat inside your home. Heat escaping through a broken seal or crack affects energy efficiency. It can cost you money.

Air movement near a door may be caused by natural currents. These currents result from heating or cooling the air and are called convection. The air movement is not necessarily due to air leaking through the door. So in certain weather conditions, a small amount of air coming through the seals is okay.

If you feel a draught around the opening of your door, check that the two rows of seals around the frame are not dislodged. You can lightly push them back into place if needed. It could also be something blocking the door from closing properly. Visit our page, ‘My door won’t close properly’, for more information.

If the draught is coming through a gap between the wall and frame, a professional needs to fill it.

Once you find the source of the draught, contact us. If we installed your doors, you can schedule a service visit. Or, if your door is very old, you can request a design appointment for a replacement. You could see an improvement in energy performance.

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