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My window is hard to open/close

uPVC white knight bay windows with decorative lead glass

This may be a few things, from stiff or broken hinges, to the hinges dropping or a structural issue. The first thing to check is whether the window is catching on the frame: if it is, give us a call as we will need to send one of our engineers to fix the problem.

If the window isn’t catching on the frame, it could be two things. It may be that the ‘horseshoe’ is out of alignment. This is located on the fixed frame part of the window. Push the horseshoe with your finger to get it back in the correct position or lightly tap it. DO NOT USE A HAMMER. It may be that the hinges are loose, in which case visit our "How to fix stiff or loose hinges" page for the remedy. If neither of these things fixes the issue, an engineer will be required.

If the above hasn’t clarified the issue for you, or if you have any additional questions, please get in touch. The team here at Anglian are more than happy to help find a resolution, be it help over the phone or by sending out an engineer.