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How to fix a stiff or loose window hinge

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When you just want to open a window and it’s a struggle because it’s stiff, or it is loose and flapping about at the slightest breeze, it can be quite easily remedied.

If your window is stiff to open and close, there are a things to look out for. Are the metal runners clear from debris? Ensure they’re clean and clear for a smooth movement. If they are and it’s still stiff, try using a 3-in-1 oil to lubricate all circular pivot points at both the top and bottom of the window.

Do not use a solvent-based spray such as WD40 as they contain chemicals which can attack components of your window.

If this doesn’t rectify the problem, try loosening the screws located on the hinge – the window will need to be fully opened to expose the screw. Restricted hinges will need the buttons to be pressed before this is visible. You don’t need to turn the screws much, a slight movement should be enough.

Should your window hinges be loose and the wind can blow it open, using the above advice, but tightening will solve it. Again, it does not need to be a big turn of the screw for it to affect the hinge.

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