Triple glazing

As leaders in our field, we’re committed to offering the best quality and most technologically-advanced products, including our uPVC triple glazed windows.

Our exclusive triple glazed window is available in our uPVC casement and tilt & turn styles and has an additional pane of low emissivity (low E) glass.

As well as giving you more insulation, the extra layer of glass also helps to reduce the amount of unwanted noise entering your home from outside and makes the window harder to break, giving you a greater degree of security.

Its design is the result of our commitment to research and development, which enables us to offer you the benefits of the very latest advances in energy-efficient technology.

An invisible metal coating harvests even more free energy from the sun and reflects almost all of your heat back into the room, reducing your energy consumption and helping to cut your heating bills.

In short, triple glazed windows are warmer, quieter and more secure than other types of glazing. Key benefits of triple glazing include:

  • Sealed units are filled with two chambers of inert argon gas to reduce heat loss
  • The extra pane of low-emissivity (low E) glass allows more of the sun’s free energy to pass through
  • The glass panes are separated by warm edge technology spacer bars, made from an insulating plastic composite material which acts as a barrier to heat loss
  • The windows are internally glazed for added security

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