Up to £3,000 discount on your windows using our Scrappage Scheme

We’ll give you a discount of up to £3,000 under our Scrappage Scheme on windows, doors and porches.

The Anglian Scrappage Scheme is no longer running but you can still save with our Help to Buy Scheme, find out more here.

We launched our Scrappage Scheme because we’re committed to running our business sustainably and always consider the impact of everything we do on the environment. We value the world we live in and do everything we can both to source our materials responsibly and to ensure that any waste products we produce are recycled.

Many thousands of customers have already benefitted from our Scrappage Scheme by receiving a discount of up to £3,000 on their new windows and you can do the same. It means that you’ll not only reduce your carbon footprint by installing energy-efficient new windows, but can be reassured that your old frames and glass will be carefully and safely recycled, not added to landfill.

The discount is available when you install any Anglian double or triple glazed replacement windows, and also includes our range of doors and porches. You can take advantage of it alongside our other offers.

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