UKIP’s Plans for Homeowners

By on 16th April in Home Inspiration

CharalambousWith the election a matter of weeks away, Good to be Home wanted to find out what the major parties planned to do for homeowners if they got elected. UKIP’s housing spokesperson Andrew Charalambous answers our questions on what an election win for their party would mean to homeowners and would-be homeowners across Britain.

1. In general terms, what would a UKIP election win mean for home owners across the country?

UKIP are leading the way in housing. We are the only party that will produce the affordable housing we so desperately need, without concreting our countryside and depriving future generations. We will achieve this by making brownfield development more attractive than ever before. By providing decontamination assessment grants, removing stamp duty from brownfield first builds, and VAT from brownfield conversion costs. Combined with a system of brownfield bonds and national brownfield register we call this our ‘brownfield revolution’. Our target to build a million homes on brownfield by 2025. For more detail on our housing policy please refer to

2. What would a UKIP win mean for those in your constituency?

North East Cambs has a serious deficit in affordable housing. Unfortunately the current coalition government like Labour before them failed to plan and prepare for their open door immigration policies. Particularly, in Wisbech immigration has contributed to a surge in local housing demand and helped fuel the current housing crisis. We will make central and local government free up long term dormant land for residential development. In addition, we will change the planning presumption in favour of residential in off high street office and commercial buildings. Moreover, we will give local people the power to decide on whether they want a large scale local development or not in their area through a local referendum.

3. What do you propose to do about ever increasing house prices and the difficulty of being a first-time buyer?

UKIP will support a new reformed system of help to buy which protects the British taxpayer whilst helping people first time buyers onto the property ladder. Foreign nationals will be excluded from social housing right to buy.

4. What is UKIP’s policy on heating?

UKIP will end needless green taxes which are pushing up household fuel prices. Causing so many of our elderly to suffer because they cannot afford to put on their heating. Under the Tories the poor have got poorer. Our elderly should not have to choose between heating and eating.

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