Transform Your Boring Garage Door & Have Your Neighbours Staring in Awe

By on 29th September in Home Inspiration

Internal doors and garage doors can be pretty plain and dull – the latter are battered by the elements and the former gets used regularly, picking up fingerprints, dirty marks and dents along the way. Well, we’ve found a great solution that will spruce up a room and have your neighbours wondering how you’ve fitted a jet into your garage or why there’s a donkey grazing in your living room.

“What am I talking about?”, you ask. A company called have some fun and creative door covers ranging from animals and landscapes to cartoons and vehicles.

Garage Doors

They’re not the most exciting of things to look at, even though there are some grand and beautiful designs garage doors, these ones are a lot more playful. For example, if you can’t afford your dream car, you can pretend with this cover…

Mini Cooper sunny beach garage door cover

Maybe you want to confuse your neighbours? There’s plenty of options to choose from for this, from a cover that looks like a digger or tractor to a UFO and even a luxury boat!

Should your garage be behind your house in the garden and you want to spruce up the view a bit, there are landscapes that will enhance the appearance of your garage door. The Mediterranean backyard is one beautiful option, along with beaches, ski chalet views, vineyards and city landscapes to peruse.

Tulip field garage door cover

There is a massive selection for you to choose from, so if you can’t afford to get a new garage door, these covers may just be a fun and cheaper alternative.

Internal Doors10 Downing Street door cover

Your home will probably have plain wooden doors throughout, but if you have one room that is a bit playful or you just want to jazz it up a bit, then you’ll love these covers.

One of our favourites is the room collection, a variety of rooms sets like wine cellars, a clean and clear hallway, a stone stairwell, a prison cell (yes, you’ve read that correctly) and many more. Some will add a touch of class and make a room feel bigger, whilst others will just baffle any guests, especially the bathroom or escalator covers.

Prison Cell Door coverFor a more sophisticated look there are bookshelves, which suit the size and shape naturally, decorative glass windows, or even more classical looking timber doors. They’re good for giving your doors a new look to suit your room without having to replace them – especially great if you’ve just redecorated, but don’t want to buy new doors.

Wine cellar door cover

The great thing about these covers are they’re interchangeable so should you get bored with your current one, you can buy a new one to fit straight on – how about a tiger strutting towards you? They’re held in place with Velcro and are made to exact measurements.

So, which one is your favourite? Let us know which one you’ll be getting on Facebook or Twitter.


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