Recycling your old windows and doors: Where one man’s scrap is another man’s treasure

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For those looking to upgrade their windows and doors, the world of scrappage and recycling your old windows and doors can be a daunting one. Many councils and local authorities don’t accept building waste, leaving homeowners in the dark about where to turn when opting for a replacement. Brittany Thorley, from salvage and reclamation company Cheshire Demolition, is here to help with this essential guide to making the most out of every last scrap!

Replacing your windows and doors for a more energy efficient alternative is an easy choice for many homeowners to make in their search for a warmer home and cheaper utility bills. For those looking to get rid of under-performing windows and doors, private salvage companies and even your double glazing installer can be a great help when championing your green ethos.

Green Scrappage Schemes

As we’ve mentioned many double glazing companies actively run scrappage schemes to make light work of replacing your existing windows and doors. In fact, Anglian Home Improvements are leading the way when it comes to helping homeowners upgrade with their window scrappage scheme,  even providing money off your installation as a result.

Choosing a double glazing firm that offers these green deals is not only great for the environment but great for your purse strings – do your research to discover more about what happens to your old windows and doors once they have been removed and replaced. You may be surprised at how many companies think the skip is the final destination for these recyclable products. Others may even go one step further in their search for cheap disposal by opting for illegal fly-tipping, which is a major problem faced by many councils across the UK.

Should I Opt for a Reclamation Service?

You can also choose to have your windows and doors reclaimed, especially if you are looking to replace timber framed windows and wooden doors. This process in particular offers the ultimate feel good factor for many homeowners and means many beautifully crafted yet inefficient doors and windows don’t end up on the scrap heap.

Pine and Oak doors and window frames are very popular within the reclamation industry and private salvage companies are on hand to take these feature products off your hands for a very small fee or no fee at all (depending on their condition) and restore them back to their former glory before reselling. Many salvage yards also accept old glass, but check for more details as this varies from company to company.

Salvaged Doors (NYCDOT via Flickr)

Image sourced NYCDOT via Flickr

Using Recycled Glass around the Home

Another option rarely explored by homeowners looking to recycle their old windows and doors ahead of a replacement is repurposing the glass and frames for use in other areas of your home. Although this option does require significant care, repurposing gives you the chance to unleash your creativity and create decorative and functional pieces from your old windows and doors.

Glass mosaics are a popular choice for those brave enough to create their very own work of art from double glazing scrap! There are also many community projects that may make use of these reusable products so do some digging to find out whether your old windows and doors can be repurposed elsewhere.

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