Laura Ashley Designs – A Touch of Nature

By on 11th November in Home Inspiration

In our last article about Laura Ashley, we covered the Damask designs (well worth a read for the history of these beautiful fabrics). In this piece we will discuss the history of the Laura Ashley designs that bring nature into your home and why they’re such great patterns.

Laura Ashley’s unique designs are often updated and relaunched in new colours and across different product ranges, including fabrics, home accessories and our range of decorative glass. Elements from popular designs are taken and developed into new styles and patterns. One such design is Summer Palace, a design that was inspired by an 18th century curtain and chair cover bought from Christies’ Auction House, which has been the inspiration for three other patterns; Oriental Garden, Elveden and Farleigh. Oriental Garden is a silhouette version of the popular Summer Palace making it perfect for use as a window design.

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Oriental Garden is a divine design that incorporates ornate flowers, exotic birds and butterflies. Adding wallpaper, cushions or even windows to your home in this design brings the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Oriental garden curtain with a drawing of the featured birds

Other designs such as Cottonwood, take inspiration from original design documents and are more recent additions to the Laura Ashley collection. If you’re going for a woodland themed room, Cottonwood is the ideal pattern to go with. It would look fantastic as wallpaper or in a window, giving you a forest-like backdrop.

Laura Ashley's Cottonwood design

Original Design inspiration

Should you be looking for designs that incorporate some exotic nature, try Thalia and Palm Leaf. These tropical designs are quite contrasting – Palm Leaf is a bold pattern, launched as part of the Palm House story in spring 2015, it would be great paired up in a room with the Laura Ashley
Pineapple lamp

Laura Ashley Palm Leaf paired with their infamous Pineapple Lamp

Thalia is a mono print wallpaper developed from Laura Ashley’s Calissa design. It is a more subtle floral pattern that on wallpaper or a window would add a lush and serine feel to a room. Should you put this into a room at home, make sure you have pops of colour in furniture and accessories throughout to give more contrast.


Join us next time to find out how the Mr Jones pattern got its name and has changed over the years.

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