How To Use Typography In Your Home

By on 17th July in Home Inspiration

More homes are using typography within their interior design, leaving motivational or inspirational messages in rooms, adding personality with words and, quite literally, making a statement. So here’s some incredible ways you can incorporate typography into your home.

Framed Words

Framing an inspirational quote is a nice way to add a feature to a wall and is a nice addition that guests will be intrigued by when entering the room. The kitchen is an area that this is becoming more common, especially with witty phrases and pictures, as you’ll see below.

Less is more Flickr


Kitchen art littlegoldpixel



Decals are also a popular way to add your favourite phrase, quote or even city to a wall in your home. From the kitchen to the living room, there are some really interesting ways to include typography in your home without it feeling messy or overbearing.

Los Angeles - Bellamumma

happiness is homemade etsy


Typography has become trendy in bars and restaurants – you may have noticed more interiors look like below. Both are cool, quirky and suit the room they’re in, catching the eye nicely too.Lakeview from inspirationde


Whiskey - Palmer & co from the societyinc


If you’re planning on introducing something like this into your home, decide whether you want to make a bold statement or if you’d rather have something a little more subtle.

make-it-matter-typographic - home edit

SourceWorld of words buzzfeed


Quirky Alternatives

You don’t have to stick with decals or picture frames to incorporate typography into your home. Ornamental lettering has grown in popularity, especially with the rise of shabby chic and Scandinavian design.

ART - behance

SourceMarquee letters


It’s not just walls that you can get words onto. These stairs in a local pub are brilliant!

Drunk stairs

Our final example of typography used in the home is with these awesome Scrabble tiles that would look great in the kitchen or bathroom. Unfortunately, you can’t move these around (it would mean a lot of re-tiling), but they are a cool twist on a basic tile.

Scrabble wall tile kitchensourcebook


How are you using typography in your home? Share your designs with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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