How to Use Laura Ashley in Your Living Room

By on 24th June in Home Inspiration

We’ve now been in partnership with Laura Ashley for over a year with our intricate and beautiful Laura Ashley Decorative Glass Designs, with classics such as Mr Jones, Cottonwood and Oriental Garden, a unique twist on Summer Palace.

To celebrate a year in partnership with Laura Ashley, we’re launching a series of articles with interior experts, other Laura Ashley partners and bloggers discussing how you can use different Laura Ashley products to decorate different rooms, starting with the busiest room in the house – the living room.

Jenny Taylor from Let's Talk MommyJenny Taylor from Let’s Talk Mommy is a big fan of Laura Ashley and has used Laura Ashley products in her own living room – “I have long been an avid fan of Laura Ashley for their unique patterns that stand the change of trends and their quality solid furniture. The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” always stands out at me when I am shopping with them. I need furniture that will take on my two toddlers and designs that still make me feel house-proud.


One of the first things I do when I design a room is think about a focal point and decorate around it. In our new revamped living room, my sofa is the main event. I wanted a sofa that said, “curl up on me,” yet looked stylish, chic, and most of all was a grey colour. I am all about the neutrals and greys in my house. I quickly fell in love with this grey and cream plaid sofa from Laura Ashley. I thought it would be a great centre-piece as you walk down the hallway and look into this sunny room.

Jenny Taylor's Living room

Once I had the sofa picked out it was about matching but not matching for me in this room. I have two armchairs one is the darker grey from the plaid sofa and the other is light cream from the sofa as well.

This pulls all three pieces of furniture together but still being completely different pieces on their own. I added this Laura Ashley footstool to complete the look of mix matching furniture with its stripes of cream and satin look. It is great for holding all my throws or books to read. This space quickly became my oasis.”


Kerri-Ann from Life as Our Little FamilyKerri-Ann Hargreaves from ‘Life as Our Little Family‘ is a big fan of Laura Ashley products and has some advice on how to create a ‘snug’, your own peaceful area where children aren’t allowed!


Neutral tones have been on the home scene for some time now and they’re one which doesn’t show any signs of disappearing anytime soon. There is always a place in your home for a room that offers soft neutral tones and romantic lighting. What better place than in your living room, or as we call it our Snug. A space which is just for the adults, strictly no children and most definitely no toys. A room to relax in after a long day at the office.


When putting together a room like this you need to think about three factors; ambience, lighting and tone. Three areas which need consideration in equal measure.


Lighting – ideally you need a room that has a large window therefore offering a good proportion of natural light to compliment daytime. Due to the colours often associated with neutral tones it is important that the space feels bright in the day and cosy in the evening, with lighting often sitting above eye level. Think about introducing over-sized lampshades with a lower watt bulb.


Oversized lampshade and mirror

In order to create the right ambience, you need to incorporate the perfect blend of colours. If like me you would look to incorporate an eclectic mix of creams, tan, dark wood, pinks and purples and if you are feeling daring, then a splash of gold. You can be subtle with pale cushions or bold with a giant mirror and floor to ceiling curtains. The options are endless. You could also consider introducing one of these gorgeous Anglian Laura Ashley Decorative glass designs on your window. Such a gorgeous product and one that can enhance a room with its unique twist. I have a list of favourite Laura Ashley prints and I am delighted to seeing many of my favourites available in this rather beautiful glass.

Neutral sofa, rug and curtains

And lastly, think about the tone, the general attitude of the room. Think about the general feel of the room, using one or two colours to create the feeling of twenty. Consider layering colours, using different shades to create space. The room can often be dramatically transformed by using the right lighting. A new trend in décor is mixing and matching patterns and materials. In a living room you could consider using a plain colour on the walls, and then draw out the colour by introducing a different shade in a pillow or throw.

Splash of colour with cushions

I would love to hear how you would decorate a neutral room, would you consider introducing the new decorative glass?
KA x

How have you used Laura Ashley products in your home? We’d love to see and hear your tips, so send us pictures and comments to our Facebook or Twitter.

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