Conservatories ‘add thousands to value of houses’

Fitting a conservatory can add thousands of pounds to the value of a house, according to research published recently by HSBC.

It has been found that this makes it the third most profitable home improvement in terms of added value, after loft conversions and room extensions.

However, HSBC said that the current housing market means that selling a home may prove difficult, even with the added attraction of a conservatory.

Martijn van der Heijden, head of secured lending at HSBC, said: “As such, homeowners looking to improve their home should do so first and foremost to live in and enjoy, rather than for any increase in value.”

Recent research by AA Personal Loans revealed that the number of people taking out loans for home improvements such as conservatories or double glazing has remained steady during the credit crunch.

However, the survey found that an increasing number are improving their homes for their own purposes, rather than wanting to sell them.

Source: Adfero

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    The Guardian recently had an article relating to this as well.

    Whilst the housing market is quite poor, it is possibly a better option to add space to ones house, thus improving it’s value and creating more space. Then when the housing market improves, the conservatory may very well pay for itself or even more so.

    Mid Wales Windows published a more in depth article.