Anglian’s new look blog launched!

By on 14th August in Meet the Team

After a good bit of planning and tinkering, the Anglian Home Improvements blog team is thrilled to announce the launch of the new look Anglian blog! It is looking a lot different to how it was before, having a much cleaner, clearer and more attractive blog that is easier to navigate around – hopefully you will agree.

New changes include;

  • New, larger, clearer font
  • A crisp, modern background
  • A beautiful header image
  • New layout and structure of the blog
  • Featured posts on the homepage
  • The latest YouTube video
  • An intro to the authors
  • Latest posts from authors
  • Related posts

New look Anglian blog

Although there is a lot of change it is not complete yet, so keep an eye out for future changes including the header image, Twitter and Pinterest feeds and sub-categories, all of which we are very excited to see in action.

Have a look around the new blog, catch up on the latest stories, search for older stories, get to know the authors and leave comments with your feedback.

What do you think of the new look? What would you like to see in the header image at the top of the page?

Is there anything you don’t like? (Don’t worry, we can handle it)

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  • Barry Wood


    You mention in your article not to use WD40 to clean UPVC, what actual damage does this product cause, IE staining, discolouring, does it have a long lasting effect? can it be cleaned off with a solvent ?

  • Louie Watts

    Hi Barry,

    WD40 is a water based lubricant and can rust the internal metal components on the product over time. This can then cause issues with the mechanisms and prevent it from functioning correctly.