Anglian possessed by living dead

By on 2nd November in Our Company News

The Anglian staff were in the spirit of Halloween (albeit a bit late), getting out their most gruesome, horrifying outfit in a bid to be named scariest of them all. There has been some amazing costumes on display today, so well done to everyone who made the effort. As well as the creepy costumes, there has been a few fun games throughout the day including mummy wrapping and marshmallow eating.

Mummy wrapping

After these games I went round the office and gathered pictures of the abominable bunch so you can vote for your favourite;

1 – Aaron Ball Z

Aaron Ball Z

2 – Amy the Witch

Amy the Witch

3 – Witches Cat

Area 51 victim

4 – Army Girl

Army girl

5 – Attacked with butcher’s knife

Attacked with butcher's knife

6 – Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice

7 – Strange creature

Strange creature

8 – Dead call agent

Dead call agent

9 – Living Dead Lady

Living Dead lady

10 – Deadly nurse

Deadly nurse

11 – Death


12 – Doctor Gee

Doctor Gee

13 – Friendly Witch

Friendly witch

14 – Gemma the clown

Gemma the clown

15 – Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper

16 – Jay


17 – John the devil

John the devil

18 – Kangaroo


19 – Kat the friendly ghost

Kat the friendly ghost

20 – Male witch

Male witch

21 – Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

22 – Resident Evil Alice

Resident Evil Alice

23 – Scream


24 – Tin foil man

Tin foil Man

25 – Skeleton


26 – Spider Nic

Spider Nic

27 – Superman


28 – Vampire Red Riding Hood

Vampire red riding hood

29 – Voodoo Man

Voodoo man

30 – Witches Cat 2

Witches cat 2

31 – Zombie Call agent

Zombie call agent

32 – Zombie Sam

Zombie Sam

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  • Bryony

    Great costume again Sam! Well Done to everyone who made the effort (more than others) to dress up this year! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • 21 looks more like gene Simmons.

  • Excellent costumes, but here were 3 part time evening staff who made big effort to dress up, wouldve been nice to see photos of them on here also.

  • lwatts

    Sorry we missed some of you; if you have made a big effort and would like to feature on the blog please feel free to let us know! 🙂