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As far from a bolt-on extra as you can imagine - it’s an addition to the house that gives you lots more space that`s usable 365 days a year.

It’s very much a changing world out there at the moment and the housing market is in a very strange state. Meanwhile, the demands on our living requirements are getting greater but, with moving house not an easy option, maybe this is just the time to consider an extension to provide that much needed extra space. A playroom perhaps, dining room, living room or even bedroom? It’s a much more economical solution than moving and certainly less disruptive both physically and socially. Rising prices with a premium on space make an extension a wise investment and a perfect solution to open-plan living as in most instances the physical barrier between the house and the extension can be removed.

Make it yours

With lots of available options, your Panoramic Extension can be completely unique; This is your opportunity to really let your hair down and just let your imagination fly.

Anglian make an amazingly wide choice of windows and, whichever of the four main designs of the extension you select, you have a choice of the complete range of Anglian’s frame finishes. From our shining White Knight uPVC finish through to beautiful, textured Golden Oak and Dark Woodgrain finishes. Or perhaps our Dual Option, combining crisp, White Knight on the inside and either Dark Woodgrain, Anthracite Grey or Golden Oak on the outside, you can choose the colour and finish that’s just right for you.

It’s not only frame finishes that you have a choice of – you also have choices of window style; from Casement to Tilt & Turn and many in between. And the same goes for doors, with options of Patio doors, French doors or uPVC residential doors.....Ask our representative or request a copy of our latest windows and doors brochure.

Security is an important issue these days and nobody is more aware of it, or as on top of it, as Anglian. All our windows and doors are equipped with superb security features. Again our windows and doors brochure will give you more information.

  • Anglian Elizabethan Panoramic Extension Elizabethan

    The Elizabethan era saw the development of some iconic gardens. This style is a great complement to both your home and garden.

  • Anglian Regency Panoramic Extension Regency

    An echo of the era in the early nineteenth century that set bold architectural statements and confident rectangular shapes.

  • Anglian Lean To Panoramic Extension Lean To

    The Lean To is a handsome and economical design of patio extension. An ideal choice for a modern property.

  • Anglian Victorian Panoramic Extension Victorian

    The attractive Arts and Crafts movement inspired Victorian extension has an elegant, three-facetted design.

By showing us the make up of what we are buying was really good, the reason I am using your company is I know what I’m getting and the quality, very pleased. MR P JAMESON - 19/06/2014

Salesman was very knowledgable about all the various products and made me feel confident in going ahead with using Anglian again. MRS MONICA MANGION - 27/03/2014

We've been extremely satisfied with our windows and doors which were fitted by you, that's why we decided to use you for our new conservatory. MS BRENDA BUTCHER - 01/03/2014

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Extension features

Panoramic Extension

Roof and ceiling - Your solid roof can be finished in materials to match your home or, if you prefer, to contrast. Available with either a conventional ceiling or a vaulted roof with exposed timbers. Optional roof windows can be fitted into our vaulted ceilings enabling even more light to illuminate your new living space.

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