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At Anglian, we are proud to be a British company and committed to helping you achieve your dream home. We extrude and manufacture our own unique uPVC profile, we manufacture our double or triple glazed units and we assemble our windows, doors and conservatories right here in the UK tailored to your exacting requirements. With a UK wide survey and installation network we use local craftspeople to survey and install our bespoke products in your home. This process is known as vertical integration and Anglian has been supplying customers in the UK residential windows and doors sector for over 50 years.

Through our vertical integration, when larger value orders are placed, we will, until 31 March 2020, be able to reduce the price of the products ordered. When you place an order for products exceeding a certain value, this allows us to achieve efficiencies such as enabling us to run the same colour profile through our manufacturing plant, reduce material wastage on glass sealed units and uPVC profiles. We will also re-cycle and use re-cycled polymer through our unique co-extruded Dies, then maximise our distribution vehicles with fuller loads to one destination and send an installing team to one location for a longer period. All these efficiencies result in reduced costs, which we can pass back to you in the form of a price reduction to help you make your house an Anglian home.

You can find out below how you can take advantage of our vertical integration and save when entering into a contract with Anglian.

Windows, Doors and Porches

Price reduction on Product Price (excludes Building Works Price)

Price reduction on Product Price (excludes Building Works Price)

Product Price Price reduction
£0 – £500 0%
£501 – £1,499 5%
£1,500 – £3,999 15%
£4,000 – £4,999 32.5%
£5,000 – £6,999 35%
£7,000 and above 40%

Living Spaces (non-timber)

Non-timber conservatories, orangeries and extensions

Price reduction on Product Price (excludes Building Works Price)

Product Price Price reduction
£0 – £500 0%
£501 – £1,499 5%
£1,500 – £3,999 15%
£4,000 and over 30%

Timber Living Spaces

Timber conservatories, orangeries and extensions

10% reduction of Product Price regardless of amount (excludes Building Works Price).

Important Terms

  1. How do these terms apply? These terms apply only to this price reduction offer and are supplementary to our General Terms & Conditions for Promotions (which shall also apply to this promotion). To the extent there is any conflict or inconsistency between any of these supplementary terms and the General Terms & Conditions for Promotions, the General Terms & Conditions shall prevail.
  2. To which Anglian product do these terms apply? These terms apply only to the following Anglian products: windows, doors (non-garage) and porches; living spaces (i.e. conservatories, orangeries and extensions) ("Products").
  3. Duration. This price reduction offer applies to all orders for Products placed with Anglian up to and including 31 March 2020, which form the subject of a contract with Anglian.
  4. How is the price reduction calculated? When you place an order with Anglian, we calculate our price using our reference standard prices. The price of Products ordered (which includes installing the Products) will be calculated in accordance with this guide based on your specific Product requirements, including amongst others the type and size of the Product, the material from which the Product is made, the glazing and hardware specifications of the Product, the style of the product and the colour of the Product ("Product Price") and also the price for additional requested work such as new brickwork and lintel solutions ("Building Works Price").
    The amount of the Product Price as calculated does not represent or take into account any discounts or savings offered under previous Anglian promotions.
    If, for any Product ordered the amount of the Product Price calculated falls within any of the applicable price bands listed below, the applicable percentage price reduction below will be applied to that amount. This price reductions will not be applied to the Building Works Price.