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September 6th, 2013

Charlie Anderson, an employee for Anglian Home Improvements has setup a Facebook group called 'People Help the People' - its purpose is for the community to come together and help each other with advice, finding relatives, finding cheap hotels and flights, shopping, jobs and much more.

People help the people logo
People Help the People Logo

Inspired to spread goodwill after a tough childhood growing up in Liverpool, Charlie setup the Facebook group only expecting a small take-up and a few people to help. The response has been phenomenal and after just one week, he has over 3,000 members of the group. There are still 50-60 people joining this group each day!

BBQ at a Residential Home
Charlie gathered people to help with a BBQ at a residential home

The group aims to help by offering discounted or free services, or help raise money for something desperately needed for individuals. Charlie was inspired by Channel 4 programme 'The Secret Millionaire', and hopes to help others, not necessarily in a financial manner, but even if it is just bringing a community together, Charlie aims to make a difference to people's lives.

The group has already helped a fair amount of people, be it with some sound advice, auctioning signed goods, or helping run a BBQ at a residential home.

Signed England Rugby Shirt for Auction
This signed England Rugby shirt was auctioned to raise money for IVF treatment.

One of the group's members desperately wanted children and was asking for advice about IVF. Since her request, the group have set out a target to get IVF for this lady and through fund raising car boot sales, auctions and other sales, the 'People Help the People' group are only £120 off their target and the lady's dreams of having children could be a step closer!

Keep your eyes peeled for Charlie and the 'People Help the People' group in your local area, as the charity is growing, one community at a time. The website launches in a week's time and there is a Facebook page too.

Charlie explained to me that gone are the days of leaving your door unlocked and your neighbours popping in to say 'Hello'. He wants all communities to come together once more, hold street parties, have dinner with each other and help each other in times of need.

Visit the 'People Help the People' Facebook group here, and join the group if you'd like to help others.

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