Great Gatsby Remake Could be the Return of Art Deco

31st January 2012

The classic novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, is being made into a film again, this time by award winning director Baz Luhrmann. Although there is no release date yet, it is set to see Titanics' Leonardo Di Caprio star as millionaire Jay Gatsby in this brilliant film, set in the 'roaring 20's' when alcohol was banned from being sold or produced, so millionaires popped up over night through illegally selling alcohol.

Gatsby's Desk
Image sourced 'The Great Gatsby' directed by Jack Clayton
Designers are predicting that an art deco trend will make a big impression on our fashion and our homes. Gatsby lives a lavish lifestyle in a gargantuan mansion, a home that many of us could only dream of living in. It has a luxurious lawn with ponds, a swimming pool, numerous different rooms all filled to the brim with intricately built furniture like mahogany drinks cabinets and golden lamps. The mansion itself is architecturally stunning, every detail is very defined from the windows to the chimney. This bold, distinct style looks expensive, classy and all in all, beautiful. Surely, this is a look we all want for our home?
Mackintosh Design
With this style coming back into play, how can you make your home look as elegant as Gatsby's mansion? Looking from the outside, the windows are one of the most distinguishable features of the house, and they can completely change the character of your home too. Shaped windows are a great addition to evoke the grandeur of the roaring 20's and to personalise them further, why not consider a glass design? Vintage designs, like some created by Rennie Mackintosh, show off the unique, prominent shapes and create an expensive appearance. These designs, although they have been around for years, will always look modern.

At Anglian Home Improvements, we offer a wide range of decorative glass designs, and if you can't find any you like, we can create your own designs for you! It can be a simple design of a flower, a lead pattern or a full grand design. Looking through Rennie Mackintosh's designs shows you just how creative you can be with your windows and you can see how gorgeous and stylish the glass in your house can look. Rose wood frames can give an authentic 1920's feel and full-length shaped windows give maximum visual exposure to the outside, perfect for those Gatsby-esque parties on the lawn. To complete the look have a few items of mirrored furniture and a glass coffee table.

Gatsby was a very extravagant man, but you don't have to be a millionaire to create the look in your own home.

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