Anglian Launch Their Most Efficient Window Ever!

22nd December 2015

Anglian Home Improvements is thrilled to launch their most efficient window ever in their new and improved A++ triple glazed windows. The product development team have worked tirelessly to bring you windows that will perform extraordinarily.

Anglian's A++ triple glazed window sample
Anglian have built on the benefits of their A rated double glazed windows, increasing the performance with some new features. 
• A thermal insert in the mainframe chamber has been introduced to reduce heat loss
• A spacer bar that is made from a thermally optimised insulating material to prevent heat escaping through the edge of the sealed unit. 
• As it is a triple glazed window the extra layer of glass creates a more secure window and greater acoustic performance. 
• The gas between the sealed units has also changed – Krypton gas, a stable and chemically non-reactive gas, is now used for its low conductivity properties making it very thermally efficient.

These changes have created Anglian’s best window ever with a Window Energy Rating of plus 32 – basically meaning your window gains 32 Kilowatt hours of energy per square metre per year.

The window isn’t just the best for its gains, it is also fantastic for its retention and prevention, keeping the heat in and the cold out. The new technology means you can have a more energy efficient home and save money on your bills.

Tom Allen , Anglian's Head of Product Management said, “Our technical and design experts have used their in-depth knowledge to increase the performance of our windows even further. Our most energy efficient and technically advanced window is our A++ casement window which includes our triple glazed unit. Our triple windows optimise the mix of glass, spacers, insulative components and high performing Krypton gas to build our most thermally efficient window ever.” 

“For customers with rooms that are hard to heat in winter and that overheat in summer, our triple windows are a great option to limit the impact of extreme temperatures.”

“We recommend customers mix and match their products so that they can cost effectively address their energy efficiency and comfort requirements. In the majority of circumstances our A as standard windows will offer a great all round performance. For customers with other requirements, we can offer them upgraded performance to offer them benefits such as greater thermal performance, or the ability to harvest more free energy from the sun.”

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