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Dressing a Kitchen Windowsill

Once you’ve had your ideal kitchen windows installed, you can start to consider the overall look and feel of your window dressings. We have a whole host of guides on how to choose your kitchen window blinds and curtains, as well as how to create certain looks and themes, but here we’re taking the conversation to the sill.

When you’ve put all that effort into creating a beautiful window space, you’re sure to want to make the most of it. Here, we suggest our top kitchen windowsill ideas.

Something practical

In such a multi-functional space as the kitchen, it can often make sense to have a windowsill that incorporates a sense of functionality.

A great way to maximise the space – and light – is to create your own herb garden to sit on the windowsill. The herbs will be able to soak up the sunshine from their vantage point, while your home cooking is sure to benefit from a few home-grown fresh ingredients too. Plus, herb plants such as basil, coriander and mint don’t tend to grow too tall, meaning they shouldn’t obstruct your view.

A place for your essentials

Kitchen windowsills can be an ideal place to store those essentials that you frequently need but would become easily lost if left in a drawer or cupboard. Whether that’s hand cream for frequent hand-washers, extra soft tissues or a range of soaps, the space on your kitchen windowsill is an excellent place to keep these items.

If you want to get a little more life in, you can even incorporate more decorative elements or kitchen windowsill ornaments among the essentials. Low-maintenance plants like succulents, scented candles or freshly-cut flowers will do the trick.

Maximise storage space

If your kitchen windowsill is particularly deep, it can be a great space for storing kitchen items. Racks for storing plates, small cookbooks or small containers that can be used to keep cleaning supplies or utensils in are good, practical options for this space. Just be sure to only include smaller items rather than larger, bulkier things such as pots and pans, as these could end up obstructing your view or blocking out the light.

If you need a little more inspiration for dressing your kitchen windows, take a look at our guides on creating traditional kitchen windows and contemporary kitchen windows for a little help.