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Curtains for Kitchen Windows

With many people traditionally opting to use blinds in their kitchen, why would anyone choose curtains?              

That’s simple. Curtains can inject style and elegance into a room, as well as transform your kitchen into a comfortable and inviting space in a way blinds sometimes can’t.

What’s more is, curtains are extremely versatile. Based on your style preferences, you can choose a bold print and make your kitchen window space the focal point of the room, or opt for tartan and check fabrics to exude a homely, country kitchen feel. Here, we'll give you all the help you need to make your decision.

Which style curtain is right for me?

Unsure of what curtains are right for your kitchen?

Many people have windows above their kitchen sink – if this is the case for you, consider opting for café or extra-short curtains with tiebacks. They’re a popular feature in country kitchens. Leave them tied back and they’ll let light into the room, while when they’re drawn closed, they’ll provide you with some privacy and allow you to see the curtain’s design to its full effect.

If your kitchen has floor-length windows, you might want to choose curtains that just touch the floor in lightweight fabrics. This will help exude an elegant and contemporary feel.

What fabric should I choose?

Some people may never think about having curtains in their kitchen, as they worry about cooking smells clinging onto the fabric. However, there are several fabrics you can choose from to combat this problem.  

Curtains made from natural fibres such as cotton and linen are lightweight, breezy and, best of all, odours won’t cling to them. You should try to avoid heavier fabrics such as polyester, nylon and velvet in your kitchen, as these are more prone to odour absorption.

When it comes to the kitchen and many potential hazards around, it’s also recommended to have curtains woven with fire-resisting fibres, or to have them specially coated for safety.

Once you’ve decided which curtains are the best choice for your space, take a look at our guide to dressing a kitchen windowsill for more design tips.