A guide to Home Renovation

Window Treatment Ideas

Dressing your windows properly can really help to transform your window space and create a focal point in the room. If you’re struggling for ideas on what to add to your window to make the most of the space, then this guide will help you find inspiration from the most popular window treatments in interior design today.

Bold Patterns

For the past few years, minimalism has been a huge trend in interior design, with simple, block colours gracing windows everywhere.

However, we are seeing a huge comeback of bold prints in interior design, with a focus on geometric patterns. These patterns look great for both blinds and curtains, and work to create a real design accent in the window space.

With a bold pattern window dressing, the key is to keep the rest of the window space fairly clutter free. Add a vase or plant if you’d like, but you don’t want to make the space look too loud or detract any attention from the fabric.

A Pop of Colour

While simple, neutral colours like whites and creams are still huge trends in interior design, it’s becoming increasingly popular to add pops of bold colour to the window to liven up the space.

Colours like pale pinks, reds, teals, mustard and seafoam greens are stylish and on-trend, and you can easily incorporate these to transform your space.

Of course, a curtain or blind in these colours will look incredibly stylish, but if this amount of colour scares you then accessorise with a coloured vase, ornament, flower or cushion to your window space instead. Adding a pop of bold colour to the window this way will really draw the eye to this space, as well as look great from the outside too!

Indoor Plants


If there is one key trend that has emerged from the past year, it’s the use of houseplants and botanicals in the home.

Cacti, cheese plants and succulents and are very on-trend and apparent in contemporary and Scandinavian interior design especially, and work to create a natural and inviting window space.

Add plants in decorative vases or quirky tins and cans to add a stylish element. Indoor hanging baskets are also seeing a surge in popularity and look wonderful hung by the window space in a kitchen or bathroom.


Cottage style uPVC casement bedroom window in White design inspiration from Anglian Home Improvements

Another key trend and common window treatment is layering fabrics and textures in blinds and curtains.

In your bedroom, hang a blackout blind underneath your curtain to block out sunlight and look stylish at the same time, or add a pelmet atop your curtain instead. Try using different fabrics and patterns to create a real statement of your window space.