Company FAQs

Planning and Process

I'm in a conservation area will I need planning permission?

We offer well designed UPVC and timber windows that can be created to complement any home and keep with original features. We also offer help with designs to gain any necessary planning permission. Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to advise Anglian if your property is in a conservation area.

Do I need to do anything before you build my conservatory?

We usually advise you to clear the area of your garden items to enable us to get started as soon as possible.

How long will it take me to get my new products?

As every order is completely unique we cannot provide exact time scales for every order however, please see below for approximate time scales for each product:

  • UPVC Doors – 8-12 Weeks
  • Windows – 8-12 Weeks
  • Conservatories – 8–10 weeks excluding 3rd party approvals
  • Garage Doors – 10-12 Weeks
  • Rooftrim – 8-10 Weeks
  • Porches – 10-12 weeks excluding 3rd party approvals

What will happen to my old products?

We will take away your old products and ensure that they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We are one of the few manufacturers who recycle uPVC and will do this where possible.

Will I need planning permission for a new conservatory?

You may need planning permission for your new conservatory; however Anglian can manage this whole process on your behalf, and at no cost to you.

Will you deal with any asbestos that maybe found in the roof?

The disturbance of your installation work can be all it takes to release a fine cloud of asbestos dust. It may look harmless, but all types of asbestos are cancerous and potentially deadly – Which is why the use of asbestos in all forms was banned in 1999. The health and safety of our customers and our installers is extremely important to Anglian and we take asbestos very seriously. Our surveyor will inspect you existing soffits, gutters and cement verges to establish if asbestos material is suspected. If so a small sample will be taken and sent for analysis by a UKAS accredited laboratory to determine its fibre type. Any asbestos waste is disposed of in a rigorously controlled and safe manner, in accordance with the Special Waste Regulations.

Will I need Planning Permission for my Porch?

If the front porch you want built is less than 3m² in floor area and not within 2 metres of any boundary which fronts the highway, you do not need planning permission or building regulation approvals. It couldn't be much simpler to get a fantastic looking new Anglian porch. However, if the porch you want built has a floor area bigger than 3m² then it is not a problem as we at Anglian will help you all the way with the design and any building regulations or planning requirements you may need - just leave it all to us.

Is there a minimum ceiling height that you have to work to?

Building Regulations do not specify a minimum ceiling height. But if the distance between the finished floor level and the ceiling is to be less than 2300mm then you must ensure that the customer clearly understands the implications of a low ceiling.

Do I have to comply with Building Regulations?

For replacement windows we make sure you comply with Building Regulations through our affiliation with FENSA. In any new extensions where our windows are fitted we will ensure that Building Regulations are complied with.

Will a survey be carried out after purchasing the product? 

On all Anglian Products a survey will be carried out to ensure we have taken the right dimensions to make sure that you get the most effective fitting product.

Are your Surveyors Qualified? 

Anglian's Surveyors are all NVQ level 3 qualified to ensure the highest quality of product and installation.

I don't know anything about planning permission, can you help?

Anglian will look after all aspects of planning. We have a in house team which will look after all elements of the planning process to ensure the most stress free approach when carrying out your home improvements.

Do I need a lawyer/solicitor for planning permission?

Anglian will look after all aspects of planning so no need for you to seek any legal advice. This is all taken care of for you.