Company FAQs


What will happen to my old windows?

Not only will we take away your old windows for you but we will make sure all of them are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. As we are one of the few manufacturers who recycle UPVC we also recycle your old windows where possible.

Will you remove my old conservatory?

Yes, we are able to remove any existing conservatory should this be required. We are also happy for our customers to remove their own site obstructions be it an old conservatory or an outhouse etc.

What will happen to my old products?

We will take away your old products and ensure that they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We are one of the few manufacturers who recycle uPVC and will do this where possible.

Can you explain why and how your installers carry out a sash box removal?

A sash box removal is required whenever we remove a sash window and need to fill the void left where the original counterweights were situated. It needs to be carried out in order to fill the void and provide a suitable surface for the new window frame to be fixed to.

Our Installers have three options of sash box refurbishment:
i. Architrave & Liners
ii. Timber stud & Plasterboard
iii. Brick & Plaster
In most circumstances the method will be decided upon by the Surveyor.

Whichever method is used we will always install either liquid damp proofing or a DPC membrane between the existing outer skin of brickwork and the frame that we construct to host the new window.

Do you remove the old guttering, fascias and soffits?

Yes, we always remove the old bargeboards, fascias and soffits before installing your new Rooftrim. We never cover or cloak any old work as this only conceals the existing problem and will not prevent further rotting and damage in the future. We also dispose and recycle the old material in an environmentally friendly way.

Will you take care of the electrics and heating in my conservatory?

We can help with some electrics and heating improvements in your conservatory, but speak to your sales adviser to discuss your own requirements fully.

What can you do if I have a manhole cover where I want my conservatory?

If the manhole is situated on the line of the strip footing it will have to be moved further down the line of the drain. Most drains are less than a metre below the surface and are relatively easy to deal with. Drains which are much deeper or have several inlets pose more problems but our Surveyors are all familiar with drains and manholes. If the manhole falls within the floor area of the conservatory in what’s known as the oversite, then provided it is no closer than 400mm to the strip footing then we raise and seal the manhole. The double seal cover we use will ensure there are no problems with odours and it can be tiled or covered over with a soft floor covering.

Do you remove and dispose of my old flooring?

Yes if required we can remove and dispose of old flooring (charges applicable).

Where will the installers need access?

When the installers come to your home they will need access to the areas in which your new Anglian product will be fitted, please try to ensure that any ornaments for example are taken away from the area where the workers will be around. Don't worry about any mess though, Anglian lay sheets down and will leave your home clean and tidy so you can instantly enjoy your new product.

Are your installers qualified? 

All of our installers have either an NVQ Level 2 qualifaction or have MTC training to ensure there work is to the highest standards.

Do I need to be home for the installation?

The Home Owner needs to arrange for someone to be present during the installation. On the date of completion the Home Owner needs to be available to ensure they are 100% happy with the installation

Will you install it all at once?

Yes, once we start your installation we will complete all works over the planned timescale (apart from any unforeseen problems that may arise). If you require 2 phases then we can split your contract into 2 orders with separate balances.

Are your installers outsourced or part of Anglian?

Anglian's fitters are in house which means we can control the quality of our installations.

Will a member of management check the installation once it is complete?

Our managers endeavour to visit each installation at least once, but we can always arrange for a manager to be present when the installation is finishing up or we can even arrange an after inspection. If you have any questions or queries during installation you can always contact your local office and if needs be we can arrange for a Field Manager to contact/visit you as soon as possible.

What if there are issues with installation, who do I contact?

Anglian's central hub of contact is our call centre in Norwich. If you call them with any issues they will guide you in the right direction to our local teams in your area.

Do I need to prepare my house before installation?

Yes, we do ask that our customers leave at least a one metre working space around windows and doors and that curtains/blinds are removed to prevent damage. We also ask that any breakables/ornaments are removed. (With elderly customers we always advise that the installers will help with any heavy lifting)

How many people are required for installation?

Dependent on the work involved anywhere between 1-4 installers might be required. Our installing teams generally comprise of two members.