Who is the scariest of them all?!?

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Today has been a fun filled day, all in aid of the East Anglia Air Ambulance, raising a whopping £55, thanks to everyone who has kindly donated, and also those of you who took part and voted in today’s poll.

Votes have been counted and verified for the winner of the Anglian Halloween charity fancy dress day.

Who will steal the Jokers crown of being the best dressed this year?

In 3rd place we have….. 19 – Bobo The Clown

Bobo finished 3rd place

In 2nd place it was the spooky….. 6 – Londoner Ghost

Londoner Ghost coming in 2nd!

And the scariest, freakiest of them all is……. 3 – Chucky…..Grown up

This was just childs play for Chucky

This was just child's play for Chucky

Congratulations Chucky…..Grown Up!!!! There’s a story you can go and tell your wife tonight.

Here’s some pictures of today’s on goings, and the results of the poll.

Poll Results

Jack Pumpkin head

There was a mummy wrapping competition as well, whereby the most mummified person took all the glory.

Mummy wrapping

Mummy wrapping

More Mummy wrapping


Teams really got in a spin as they had to build a spider’s web from wool, by standing on set squares and only being able to throw the wool to each other. More difficult than it sounds!

Web building task

Web building task

Fun in the office?!

The Anglian Ghouls

The Anglian Ghouls

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