Energy Statements Are Unclear

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The BBC has recently discovered that most customers who receive energy statements don’t understand them, or how to act on them to save money on their bills.

Despite every home receiving a statement, not many people realise how much they could potentially save. The total savings can be hundreds of pounds by making their homes more energy efficient.

Many of us think the statements should give advice on how to switch suppliers and to help push us to find the company that is best suited to our requirements. Companies are always competing so it is worth shopping around.

Brighter Future ahead?

Whilst British Gas are increasing their prices by 7, they have acknowledged this problem so are now supplying thousands of homes with smart meters.

An estimated 200,000 properties will benefit from this technology which gives a real time image of how much energy their house is using, thus enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint by turning off unnecessary appliances and improve their homes energy efficiency.

British Gas had given them out before, but not on such a large scale, which shows how they as a company are trying to increase peoples awareness of these green issues.

The popularity of these devices are bound to rocket as environmental issues become more apparent, and the more money people can save the more likely these devices will be employed to find your households energy weakness.

British Gas with their Bright idea

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