Double glazing hits the road

Over the years we have seen energy efficient double glazing being installed throughout homes, offices and boats but today even I was taken by surprise when I stumbled across this white van on twitter;

White Van takes their double glazing everywhere

White Van takes their double glazing everywhere

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I’m not sure whether the owner of this vehicle could claim “special circumstances” for a lower road tax payment due to the energy efficient modification he has purchased for his vehicle. Probably not?!

Over the last decade we have seen working models of Solar Powered Cars as well and perhaps over the next 20 years we will slowly see a more affordable and sustainable introduction of this type of technology for the road.

Recently Anglian announced the launch of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic technology for the home which not only means your home becomes more energy efficient but also allows the home owner the possibly to generate revenue from selling unused units of power back to the electricity companies.

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