Cornwall just cant stop being green!

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Cornwall has begun planning ANOTHER solar farm in a bid to become a leader of solar energy.

‘This is Cornwall’ reports that Cornwall Council leader, Alec Robertson has set out the plans for this project, in an attempt to not only protect the environment and become a leader of green technology, but invest in technology that will raise funds.

He says that the cash generated can be used for public services, so the whole county feels the benefits.

As there have been recent scares that we may run out of energy over the expensive Christmas period, this second solar park would make Cornwall more self-reliant. Something I think the rest of the country needs to take note of and follow this example being set.

Well, it is as Cornwall’s trend is contagious and Somerset has now made plans for a solar park too, which will be the first of its kind in this region.

The whole county are supporting this installation as people are becoming more aware that solar is a massive global energy source, one which is here to reduce our carbon footprint, and allow a greener world.

However, it’s not just the green credentials making it appealing to us, as the governments feed-in-tariff is paying us to generate electricity giving solar projects extra affordability.

Solar Farm

To make us even more aware of how to make our home more energy efficient, Cambridgeshire has come up with a project in which they are building two eco-houses, trying to hype green home improvements more! This comes after plans were revealed to install 100 photovoltaic panels on a barn roof in Cambridge.

Huntingdonshire Council has reportedly spent £500,000 so far in support of this project, with both properties benefitting from insulation, double glazing and solar panels.

Council Chairman Jeff Dutton said, “People are trying to save money by home improvements everywhere and now every household has the chance to follow some of these examples to save money on their own homes.”

If people take the eco-houses improvements on board, Jeff Dutton even suggested that house prices could be boosted in this region, which with the recent decline in house prices, would be a welcome benefit.

What are you doing to be more green? Have you recently installed solar panels, and if you have, are you noticing the benefits? Let me know…..

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