Australian PM Gillard looks to invest in renewable energy

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The new Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has set out plans to invest heavily to develop Australia’s solar and renewable energy sector.

On Sunday, the Australian PM spoke about a change in policies which now heavily feature investment in renewable, green energy such as solar thermal or photovoltaic technologies.

Julia Gillard said:

“Moving forward means making record investments in solar power and other renewable energies to help us combat climate change and protect our Quality of life”.

The Australian PM has around $652m renewable energy fund following the budget announcement earlier this year in May.

Tony Abbott, opposition leader will challenge the Prime Ministers renewable energy plans in the National Election on 21st August.

“Instead of moving forward to tackle climate change , Mr Abbott is in climate change denial,”  Gillard said and in response Mr Abbott argues “You don’t help the environment by damaging the economy”.

The new UK Coalition Government recently visited the Department of Energy and Climate Change where Prime Minister David Cameron announced a 10 carbon cut in central Government.

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