Anglian Dress a Guy – Results

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Friday 5th November was definitely one I won’t forget, as 5 teams from Anglian came together to Dress a Guy in donated clothes going to charity. Dresses, shirts, trousers and tops were flying as each team had 5 minutes to make the best Guy possible.

Neil looking rather lovely

Drew struggling with trousers

Lofty grew a pair

Guy on the floor

We had some bizarre outfits created, and a lot of laughs with the Guy struggling to get a dress on, but now its the time you’ve all been waiting for…..Results!




Well done to all participants for creating some interesting outfits, I’m sure I won’t be trying them out myself, and thank you for all the donations we received.

The winning team have donated the £30 Marks and Spencer’s vouchers to The Hamlet Trust, for their fund raising event this Saturday, being held at The Trafford Arms, in Norwich.

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