The gorilla troop cause quite a stir in Norwich driving everyone ‘Radio GaGa’

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Gorilla fever has hit the streets and parks of Norwich since the GoGoGorillas 2013  troop was released last month.  Visitors to the city have been enjoying some fantastic Summer sun, which has encouraged everyone to get out and about either walking or cycling, to see the trail of 53 gorilla’s in situ.

The city has welcomed the gorillas whole heartedly and everyone has been out taking photographs of their favourite gorillas.  It has initiated great conversations between strangers as to which gorilla has been spotted where, and how it has brought the community together during this lovely hot weather.

With the forthcoming football season getting ever closer, Mr Carrow, sponsored by Anglian has been drawing the crowds and from what we understand from artist Phillip Daniels, the gorilla is already in training and has been heard shouting ‘On the Ball City!’

GogoGorillas 24 June Walking tour

Mr Carrow standing outside the club shop at Norwich City Football Club

Having something very different in the city for people to see always causes a stir, and there have been a couple of unfortunate and unexpected incidents. Firstly graffiti being painted on to the head of ‘World Animals’ gorilla located in Chapelfield Gardens, and secondly ‘Freddie’ Radio GoGo Gorilla had to be removed from his plinth.  The Mercury Phoenix Trust, an Aids charity set up in memory of the iconic Queen lead singer, claimed it misrepresented his image.

This was a huge shock to the artist Mik Richardson, the sponsors Brandbank, and the organisers, and has caused a few days of worry.

Freddie Radio Gogo Gorillas 24 June Walking tour outside the Forum

Freddie Radio GoGo Gorilla outside the Forum before his removal.

Social media sites have been buzzing after a decision to remove Freddie Radio GoGo Gorilla from outside the Forum. Queen guitarist Brian May has even got involved and tweeted it was “outrageous and petty” that it should be moved.

Martin Green from the charity Break and organisers of the GoGo Gorillas fund-raising art trail said it had been a shock and a totally unexpected reaction.  However, we are hopeful that the situation can be resolved and Freddie Radio GoGo Gorilla can be returned to his plinth.

While Break and the Trust try to resolve the situation, the local EDP paper asked its readers to vote in a poll for what character Freddie should be replaced by, if he could not be reinstated.

EDP Artists impression of Alan Partridge gorilla


Image from the Eastern Daily Press (EDP) of a artists impression of how the Alan Partridge gorilla may look.

A number of people voted that after scenes for the new Alan Partridge aka Steve Coogan’s film, ‘Alpha Papa’ had been filmed recently in Norwich, perhaps the gorilla should be ‘Alan Partridge’.

This followed the announcement of the films release later this month, a twitter campaign gathered to get the world premier of the film shown in Norwich.  With the help of ‘people power’ the film will now be shown on the 24th July at the cinema  in Anglia Square, Norwich, a few hours ahead of it being shown in Leicester Square in London.

In the mean time, we all hope that we will not have to wait too long for Freddie to come back and rejoin the troop.


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