Window views that spur on acrophobia


As a great hater of heights, I thought I would share with you some stomach-churning views that would most definitely spur on acrophobia.

I have quite a few memories of being in situations that have truly terrified me, for example, being about 12 and going to the EcoTech Centre in Swaffham, Norfolk. We were ‘privileged’ to be allowed to walk to the top of a wind turbine and see the view from the top. After climbing hundreds of steps, we got to the top, the glass windows protecting you were leaning outwards. I was petrified and clung to the centre wall, not daring to venture too close to the windows. “I can enjoy the view from here”, was what I told my friends.

EcoTech Centre Wind Turbine

Image sourced from Flickr by Trojan Llama

Another experience I didn’t enjoy was more recent; a business meeting in London at the Northern and Shell Building. The meeting was on one of the top floors, the lift made of glass, going rather high before the roof disappears and you are face to face with a spectacular view of London. I admired the view, but could feel my palms becoming clammy with nerves.

Image of the Northern and Shell Building

So, these are a couple of my experiences that have spurred on my acrophobia, but which of these images will do the same for you? I have gathered a few images I think will, but if you have any you’d like to share, feel free to send them to us through our social networks.


If you’re not feeling too uneasy after these views, have a read of this article about a Russian student who is certainly not afraid of heights! You can also see him in action here in this video.




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