Ways To Use A Conservatory


An interesting question popped up the other day in the office. A colleague knew somebody who had bought a new house which has a lovely conservatory, but had no idea what to use it for. They didn’t need a games room or another living area, so what could they do with it? Any ideas?

I have had a think, and as a conservatory is all about bringing you closer to your garden, why not incorporate your garden into your conservatory? After the blog I posted about Overwintering plants, keeping certain plants inside your conservatory all year round is not such a bad idea, especially because of the vast range of different plants you can grow! Experts recommend a North facing conservatory is perfect for growing plants, as a South facing conservatory is too hot for plants to thrive. You can help control the temperature of your conservatory through new technology like Solaroof or with some classy blinds.

Conservatory verandah

If your conservatory tends to be about 15-21°C for the majority of the year then you have an array of exotic plants to choose from. As the temperature of your conservatory is quite high, it creates a dry atmosphere which means some plants are harder to keep in their prime, but others will flourish such as olives, lemons and grapefruits. It is also ideal for brugmansias, clivias, palms and aloes, the latter of which is great for home remedies.

By having a conservatory strategically filled with these big, beautiful plants it can create a truly wonderful room to enjoy. With the right mix of aloes and palms, particularly Mexican blue palms, you can create your very own Aladdin’s cave. One note for if you are growing palms; some will grow very quickly and will need to be moved into the garden as they mature. To ensure you have a gorgeous room, rather than having a jungle, try designing the room with colourful plants, pots and containers, co-ordinating like you would with furnishings. A room like this will definitely make it an interesting and enticing one.

Aladdin's cave conservatory

What if you are not much of a gardener and don’t want a jungle room? Well, there are more exciting ideas out there. A conservatory makes a lovely dining room, and it is especially amazing on a warm summers evening with the bi-fold doors wide open and the smells of freshly cut grass and BBQ’s cooking gives the room a great summer vibe. Not only that you have a view of nature at its best, the bee’s buzzing, the flowers in full bloom and the birds singing you a song. I cannot wait for summer now! I am now moving house and think I shall be using our conservatory as a dining room, especially as it has an incredibly picturesque garden.

My New Garden

A more interesting idea for all of you budding artists out there could be to use a conservatory as a studio. It is full of natural light and gives you a plethora of views to inspire you to create the next Garden at Giverny. You never know, it could be the beginning of a great adventure, becoming the next Claude Monet or Vincent van Gogh. It is an ideal room as it is airy, bright and spacious, completed with a varnished wooden floor (good for easy cleaning, we can’t be inspirational and tidy), perfect for hours painting and capitulating to natures wonderment.

A conservatory is also a great living area for a home. It is airy, light and great to sit in no matter what time of the year. If you put a comfy sofa or arm chair into your conservatory with a nice cabinet full of classic novels, it makes a great reading room, even in the winter. You can be sat in your Victorian conservatory snuggled under a blanket, reading a good book, the moonlight shimmering off the snow in the garden, which has little Robin footprints stamped all over; it can make a magical room to lose yourself in. A conservatory is ideal no matter what the weather is like, come rain or shine it will be a room you fall in love with!

Winter conservatory

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