These Compact Bathroom Storage Products are making the most of Vertical Space


En suite bathrooms, first-home bathrooms, guest bathrooms. Everyone has to deal with compact bathroom space, and vertical bathroom storage is often the only way to get your toiletries, giant rubber duck and life-sized model of Tom Daley in there with you.

Thankfully, these innovative designers have found ways to utilise vertical space to wash away any problems fitting things in. These products and designs range from established names to crowd-sourced start-ups and we’re confident that, if they’re not already, they will be big household names as they develop.

Why does your bathroom look small?

Your bathroom may be small, but being and looking small are two different things. We have assembled a list of handy ways to make any room, including your bathroom, look bigger (below). Once you know that, you may find these space saving solutions easier to realise.

How to Make any Room Look Bigger.

If furniture isn’t the only thing making your room look small, click the image to see how our handy infographic can help you!

Camerino Valet Stand

brose-fogale_Camerino_beachThe first item on the list is a Kickstarter project that smashed it’s target pledge amount for over £2000. The Camerino Valet Stand was designed to be a portable wardrobe skeleton that can be easily transported and placed into any number of spaces, from box rooms for hallways. For that reason the stand isn’t exclusively a bathroom product, but anyone with a spark of creative juice in their head can see that it fits purpose perfectly.

The original idea behind the design was to create a wardrobe-like object without having the big & bulky wardrobe part of the design. This left the designers at Brose Fogal with this compact and minimal design.

The original ‘wardrobe’ design origin can easily be seen in the awesome illustrations they provided. BroseFogale-Camerino171

Fitted Bathroom Solutions

Some products won’t be suitable for certain small bathrooms, no matter how innovative they are. This is often a problem in bathrooms with lots of fitted units, but there is a solution. When fitted features prevent you from adding things to the bathroom, change the fitted features.

There are several examples of bathrooms that use smart fitted products to increase the size of a bathroom, and they often come with economic side-effects, too. Here are some fitted bathroom products that enhance space and economy in the bathroom.

So what if your bathroom is small – here’s why we love them!

Paul Hernon’s ‘Vertebrae’

This is the most extreme example of vertical storage, and also one of the best looking. Paul Hernon designed the Vertebrae bathroom unit in 2008. vertebrae-Paul-Hernon

  • High shower
  • Low shower
  • Toilet-flushing module
  • Storage
  • More Storage
  • Sink Basin & Shower control
  • Toilet
  • Toiletries Cupboard (even more storage)

This may look like a big thing to install, and at 8ft it is if we’re talking about size, but the requirements are low, only needing a wet room to be plonked in, and apparently it’s easy to install.

The Bathroom Innovation Award

The Bathroom Innovation Award is an annual bathroom design competition that Reece runs in Australia, open to design students and professionals.

The designs entered are concepts only, but rendered images are supplied. Rowan Page’s Kai Sai may only have been a runner up from last year’s award, but this design fits perfectly with our admiration of products that make the most of space. Kai Sai is a tap, mixer and vanity shelf. rowan-page-kai-sai

Is Paint a Product?

I think so.

If replacing any fittings in your bathroom seems too much, simple techniques can be employed to have a similar effect.

A bright new paint job is the number one on this list: vibrant colours will give the bathroom some spice and make a more habitable area for you. This example perfectly shows how a bathroom can be improved without changing anything but the paint job.

If you fancy a chuckle, have a read about this toilet roll iceberg that caused havoc.

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