Why Every Room Should Have a Blackboard


Something we are seeing more and more of in our interior design is blackboards. We are turning all sorts of things into a blank canvass for us to draw, write recipes and memos or even use as a table setting. Here we will go through some of the cool and quirky uses we are finding for blackboards around the home.


We start in what seems like the most obvious place to have a chalkboard – the kitchen. You can write recipes on the wall for your partner so they can cook dinner (for a change), leave cute messages for your family, label where herbs, vegetables or utensils belong, or you could just be creative, much like these examples below. Kitchen Blackboard from Olof Jakobina Source:

Kitchen notice blackboard Source:

Splashback - ApartmentTherapy Source:

The magnetic blackboard below is not only great for organisation, but it is also a space saver we featured in an article about utilising the space in your kitchen.

Magnetic herb rack

Living areas

Interior fashion changes annually, so it is unrealistic to think you can have your home looking bang on trend all of the time. That is unless you have a chalkboard wall! You can have every colour in the rainbow, any pattern, any design, whatever you like can be put onto the chalkboard. When the season changes and naturally the trend too, you can redo your wall to keep up with the latest vogue.

Chalkboard wall - Pinterest Source:

Wall stickers - 2bsquaredesign Source:

This blackboard hooked shelf is made from an upcycled window/door flipped on its side with blackboard paint applied to where the glass was. Hooks have been added and a small shelf to create a pretty area to hang utensils and tea towels with a calendar so everyone knows where they should be.

Upcycled blackboard from Pinterest

Source: It’s not just the walls of our living rooms we are turning into canvasses, we are also turning furniture into them too.

Chalkboard coffee table - tumblr Source:

Chalkboard piano - Please sir



We have even found some quirky ways to use blackboards in the bedroom and they have a good purpose. Gone are the days of not knowing where your socks are; they should all be here… (note American meaning of pants)

Chest of drawers Apartmenttherapy




These are just some of the genius ways we can incorporate a blackboard into our home’s interior design. If you hop on over to Houzz, you can see some more fabulous designs they’ve come up with to make your home a fun and creative space.

Tool blackboard Gary Englefield Source:

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