How to make the Master Bedroom like a Honeymoon Suite


Whether you and your other half honeymooned on an exotic island or a romantic metropolis, it was no doubt one of the most idyllic settings you’ve both been to.

If you’re looking to recreate that element of sophisticated soppy-ness in your master bedroom, there are a number of things you can do to transform the room into a honeymoon styled haven. Whether it’s something more permanent that you’re after, or just something to create an extra sizzle this Valentine’s Day, we’ve come up with a few ideas to get you inspired.

Ooze femininity


Channel your inner Juliet as opposed to Romeo and let feminine palettes and details do the (seductive) talking. Use colours and fabrics that are passionate and fiery, yet elegant and subtle. Red is an obvious choice and it can work very well, from anything like a statement wall to bed sheets or even smaller accessories like fake flowers and photo frames. Dusky tones such as pink and peach works great too, against a soft backdrop of laces and silks.

Incorporate sheer curtains at the window


For an instant transformation with minimal effort, updating large textiles like duvets, rugs and curtains can have a huge effect. Instead of thick, heavy curtains, why not switch to softer alternatives, such as sheer ones, where privacy isn’t compromised. They omit a softer, rosy glow to the room which will set a dreamy tone, like something straight out of a fairy tale.

Use romantic wall decals

These are a great, modern feature of any room in the house, and if you choose the right one, can be really sweet in the bedroom. We love this one from Etsy positioned above the bed as it really sets the feel of the room. They’re a great way to spruce up any wall too and are extremely easy to apply (and very quick, too!).

Find elegant details


Vintage or shabby chic decor themes are really popular, especially in the master bedroom. Vintage style is – and always will be – one of the most romantic options out there as it is all about embracing femininity, subtle colours and patterns and ornate detailing. A great way to incorporate this look into your room to pay homage to your honeymoon is to frame your favourite picture of the two of you in a beautiful, shabby chic photo frame.

Get the mood lighting right


The lighting you use will be crucial for setting the mood and atmosphere that you want to achieve. If you’re planning a special night in for Valentine’s Day, filling the room with lovely candles of all shapes and sizes will create a beautiful (and flattering!) setting that will be much softer than harsher, artificial lights. If you prefer a more playful and sweet romantic look, fairy lights are a great addition to any room to make your other half starry-eyed. Wrap them around the bed frames and window panes to avoid over doing it, too.

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