Top 10 interior design trends for Spring Summer 2014

The world of interior design is one that is constantly changing; just when we think we have our homes looking perfect, the styles and trends change, sending us straight back to square one. So to get you ahead of the game, today, I’m looking at 10 interior design trends for spring summer 2014. Which is your favourite?

Where’s my Passport?!

Got your passport? We’re going on a trip to a tropical island! Whilst we suffer days of endless rain, check out some of the cool, hot tropical products available – ahhhhh feel the heat! Bright colours, tropical birds, eye catching palms and tropical flowers make for a Caribbean getaway without the packing and the sun burn! Roll on summer…

Tropical interior designs


Man’s best friend is seen on a variety of home products this season. Enough to make the cat nervous, muts can be seen on cushions, art work and lamp bases – so cute! And the best thing – no walks in the rain or pooper scooper needed!

Dog home accessories

Ride the Blue Wave

Don’t be blue, this colour is so versatile, it can be cool and light or dark and dramatic. Personally, my favourite is dark blue with tones of indigo or a sumptuous midnight blue – perfect in the bedroom. If you are considering using a darker blue in a room, just check the size and light sources for the room – can it take the darkest of blues, or would a lighter tone be more appropriate? Maybe start with a feature wall to dip your toe into the rich blue waters!

Blue 2014 trend

Look on the Bright Side

Cool and contemporary, the geometric interior design trend that has been popular for a number of seasons morphs into a dramatic angular colour block trend (plenty of geometric products still available if this trend is too contemporary for you!).
Check out the room from Marks & Spencer (pictured top left) – it effortlessly combines a number of current trends – bright colour blocking, large florals and tonal shading – looks amazing, don’t you think?!

Neon colours are on trend

Mini Beasts not creepy crawlies

Insects swarm onto cushions, pictures, bedding, kitchenware and accessories – in fact it’s an infestation! But don’t swat these – they are gorgeous! Butterflies have dominated for a number of seasons, but now they have been joined by bees, dragonflies, ladybirds, wasps and bugs galore. These mini beasts make maximum impact.

Creepy crawly home accessories

All that glitters IS gold!

Add a touch of glamour and opulence with warm metallic – predominantly gold and copper. This trend is timeless, and can be classic or surprisingly contemporary – check out the picture from Furniture Village, which illustrates how gold and copper products and their tones are taken through into furniture to create a stunning and modern look, especially on a muted grey background – where’s my paint brush, time to update the dining room!

Gold interior designs

Big Bloomers!

Floral goes large and funky – from roses to peonies, the print has grown to create a stunning centre piece in a room – from chairs, to rugs, to wallpaper. Mix with smaller flower prints, stripes, and spots to tone it down by creating more visual interest, or just stick to your favourite design piece and let it bloom!

Floral designs

Fantastic Fading

This is my personal favourite, I think it looks stunning and is a very easy design trend to introduce at low cost – I’m going to buy two of the pink picture frames to update a bedroom with this trend (OK, I may buy a rug too!). It’s a clever trend too, as it can help fool the eye into thinking your room is bigger than it actually is. If you are totally into this trend, a fading wall with dark at the base fading to light to the ceiling, helps to increase the illusion of room height, whilst a rug can help to make a narrow space, like an entrance, look wider (depending on which way you place it, of course – it needs to go width ways!).

Fantastic fading designs

Morocco Magic

If you don’t fancy a trip to a tropical island this spring/summer, how about North Africa? A visually stunning trend, the Moroccan feel is in evidence on the High Street and online too. A palette of rich and warm colours combine with tribal and Moroccan patterns and light reflecting metallic accessories to create a feast for the eyes. The trend is surprisingly versatile too – from dark wood and rich colours, to black and silver statement furniture pieces against a geometric backdrop; you choose what you want to bring home from your trip to Morocco!

Moroccan magic designs

Birds of a Feather

Our feathered friends are very versatile indeed, from pink flamingos supporting the tropical trend to delicate bird illustrations mixed with pretty florals to support the continuing vintage trend. Go on, feed the birds and bring them into one of your rooms – or let them fly freely around your home – they can be found on bathroom accessories and kitchenware too!
More trends in evidence in the design world include the continuation of the popularity of Vintage and Boho inspired designs and products, Mono is still very big news, Pink is very popular, and expect to see purple becoming even more popular (hurray!) based on the Pantone colour of the year 2014 – Radiant Orchid.

Bird patterns Spring trend

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