Got wood?


Has your carpet seen better days?  Perhaps it is looking a little tired and shabby and has now reached the end of its life.  But before replacing like for like, have you considered changing your carpet for wood?

With many shades and varieties of wood to choose from, it makes lovely quality flooring for your home.     A timber floor is a natural tactile surface that offers a wonderful finish to any new or existing room and can feel as if you are bringing nature and the outside in to your home.


Timberland flooring


Wooden flooring offers a number of health benefits to those that suffer from allergies such as Asthma, dust mites and chemicals that are associated with the production and making of carpets.   Flooring that reduces these symptoms can enhance the quality of your life, health and well-being.

The wood used these days in the cheapest flooring types mainly comes from China and Poland whilst the top quality range of flooring that we offer is sourced from Germany.

If you are thinking about making a change from a dowdy, stain-spotted carpet to a bright unblemished wooden floor, what considerations do you need to take into account when making your choice?

–  What size floor area is to be covered?

–  What are you using the room for?

–  Who will be using the room?

–  What furniture or other items will be standing in the room?

–  Which compass direction (North, South, East or West) does the room face i.e. how much direct sunlight does it get?

–  What heating exists in the room or will new heating need to be fitted?

–  What is the cost of good quality carpet compared to the cost of wood?

–  What is the life of a carpet compared to that of a wooden floor?


There are two main options when it comes to choosing wooden flooring that we offer, they are solid wood and engineered wooden flooring

–         Solid wood flooring is made of a solid plank of wood that has been sawn from a tree trunk, cut to size, dried, sanded and treated to a required finish.

–         Engineered wooded flooring or laminate flooring is usually 15mm thick in total with a finished wooden layer 4mm thick.  This flooring plank is made up of a number of fine layers of different woods acting as a back board to add weight and stiffening to the final top layer of your chosen finished wood.

There is a third option which is laminate flooring.  This is a relatively cheap option and not one that we offer, although it looks quite nice when initially laid, it does not have the same manufacture quality, longevity of life or look quality look once worn.

The life of your wooden floor can be up to 60 years if it is looked after and maintained correctly.  As with many solid wooded floors you are able sand them lightly to remove any light blemishes from the surface and rejuvenate them back to their original finish, up to 5 times during the flooring’s lifetime.

Did you know that a carpet has an average life expectancy of 15 years?  During the first 6 months of its life in your home it doubles its weight due to dirt, dust, grime, skin cells and dust-mites collecting in the pile of the carpet.  After a number of years of use it can look very worn with the pile of the carpet being flattened down.



Dust mites measure half a millimetre in length and live on furniture, bedding, upholstery and in our carpets.  They are not harmful to most people although they can cause allergies.  Dust mites live off the tiny flakes of skin we continually shed; a female can live from 1 – 3 months and can lay nearly 100 eggs during her lifetime.

If that is not enough to put you off sticking with carpets I don’t know what is.  A few years ago I ventured down the route of choosing a wooden floor for my dining and sitting room to replace a carpet.

I am one of many that suffer from Asthma, once the carpet was taken away and the flooring was replaced with wood, I did notice a difference to my health.  I was aware of the difference between having to hoover the carpets that had trapped dust and dirt in them to being able to wipe the wooden flooring and see instantly that the dirt and dust had been removed, leaving the floor as new.

The solid wood flooring I chose needs oiling once a year to maintain its lustre and shine. As I have dogs I am much happier cleaning and oiling a wooden floor than I was trying to wash and clean a soiled carpet.

Timberland Flooring


With the addition of a sun room some years later I chose engineered wooded flooring.  This additional room was not able to be connected to the existing heating system, so I decided to have under floor heating installed.  I was able to control the temperature of the room and maintain an ambient temperature that felt very comfortable to sit in.

From my experience a quality wooden floor enhances and gives a wonderful look to any room in your home leaving it looking more beautiful than ever before.

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