Anglian Employee gets a Makeover


Alpesh Patel, an employee of Anglian has been chosen to have his house made over by Kirsty Allsopps Homemade Home Show.

Alpesh Patel getting his homemade home

Alpesh Patel getting his homemade home

Alpesh has only just moved into the home improvement industry, and when he and his wife couldn’t agree what to do with their 1880’s house, they thought they should apply for the Homemade Home Show.

Unexpectedly, they received a phone call saying their house had been chosen to be in the programme!

With not only interior design and decoration taking place, Kirsty looks to updating old furniture, and with her Dad being the chairman of Christies, she’s renound for making something dilapidated, desirable.

Three rooms are selected to be made over, with Alpesh having to get involved by biding on old furniture to be re-vitalised. Maybe he should try and get David Dickinson involved to help him with some auctions?

The programme will be aired on Tuesday 30th November, be sure not to miss it.


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