Achieve a Shabby Chic Bedroom for under £330 at IKEA


If you’re looking to update your bedroom but don’t want to fork out an arm and a leg to do so, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for to give you the desired transformation for your budget.

With the main bedroom being one of the most important rooms in the house, turning it into a space you love is so important. If yours desperately needs a re-haul and you’ve always loved the idea of a shabby chic appeal, we’ve put our metaphorical feelers out to find you everything you need to achieve this exact look. And the best bit? You can buy it all for under £330. From one place.

We headed to IKEA to snoop out our favourite (and essential) buys to make your room the timeless, and classic haven you’ve always wanted.

So…here’s how we did it…

LEIRVIK Bed frame, white, Luröy – £79
MYSA GRÄS Quilt, 4.5 TOG – £4
GOSA SLÅN Pillow, stomach sleeper – £1.30
HAFSLO Sprung mattress, firm, beige – £80
SLUMRA Fitted sheet, natural natural colour – £2.25
HÅLLROT Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases, white, floral patterned – £20
MULIG Clothes rack, black – £6.50
MALM Chest of 3 drawers, white – £35
MALM Chest of 2 drawers, white – £25
VIVAN Curtains, 1 pair, grey – £10
TEJN Faux sheepskin, white – £10
VÄTE Pendant lamp shade – £5.50
UTSIRA Mirror – £15
ROSÉPEPPAR Plant pot, off-white – £4
SNÄRTIG Vase, clear glass – £0.65
FÖRTJUST Bowl with lid, clear glass – £5
KVILL Frame, white – £5
DRÖMLIK Scented candle in pot – £4.25  / 2 pack
TÄRNA Dried bouquet, pink – £5
ERIKSLUND Picture, myrtle – £9
ROTERA Lantern for tealight, white – £2

(Keep reading for the actual total at the bottom of the page!!)

The Bed

Of course, the bed is the most important thing in the bedroom, and not just in terms of practicality and function. It is the main feature of the room so automatically draws the eye and creates a strong focal point.

When choosing a shabby chic styled bed, you can’t go wrong with an elegant white bed frame with ornate detailing. Think these cost the earth? Well yes, in most places they probably do, but this one was actually the cheapest on the site – at just £79! – and was by far our favourite.

Bed Frame

You’ll also need lots of other things to make your bed…well…usable, and we’ve got that covered too, right from the mattress, to the quilt, to pillows and sheets all at bargain prices but without compromising on your antique theme. The quilt cover above was also our pick, and was at a great price of £20 for a double set.

QuiltPillowMattressFitted sheet





Storage choices

Things like wardrobes and drawers can soon cause your price list to increase, so it’s well worth looking into cheaper options that can be a fraction of the price but just as useful. The average price of the wardrobes were about £300, but how does £6.50 sound? For that amount you can get a clothes rail that will do the job just as well and can even give you a more authentic, shabby chic look. If you have an exceptionally large amount of clothes (no one is judging) at that price, you could even buy 2!

Clothes railDrawers are another important component for a bedroom, and for this look, we recommend opting for white pieces as they have a great simple quality to them. The clean lines and clear design of the drawers and bedside table below will be a great addition to the room and will allow you to build on top with decorative items without being too fussy.

Chest of drawers

Bedside table









Textiles and lighting

Curtains are one of those things that are a bit of a pain to buy, yet you’ll certainly regret not when the window cleaner does his rounds. We found these ones that are unlikely to be the best curtains in the entire world, but for a tenner (and the fact that they are actually really nice) making do won’t be too difficult!

CurtainsOther elements like rugs and pretty lampshades are great for aiding your shabby chic theme. This faux sheepskin rug is a firm favourite as it oozes luxury, but at £10 is the definition of a champagne product at lemonade prices. We also liked this simple yet classic paper lampshade that will give off a really warm glow, too.

Rug Lampshade









It’s all in the details

Shabby chic is all about the little items that, when placed altogether, will have a big impact. We could have gone a little crazy in IKEA choosing from all of their millions of options for this very theme, yet we tried (very hard) to rein it in and choose a handful of our favourites. A mirror seemed like the ideal place to start and this simple yet pretty full length one jumped out at us, for it’s floral etched design and even more appealing price tag.

MirrorWe’ve also chosen some of our favourite ornate little details to show you – with the budget in mind as ever – including photo frames, pictures, candles and vases.

Plant Pot VaseBowl
Photo frame Candles Plant
Picture Lantern


Total: £328.45

(Look at that! You even have money to spare for some Swedish meatballs and a Daim bar!)

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