These 10 Home Garages show how you should really use the Extra Space


A home garage has the potential to be something amazing in your home, rather than just a place to store the family’s clutter, or car of course. If you love the idea of using your garage for something other than storing your car, we’ve rounded up 10 pictures of incredible home garages that have been converted to show you exactly what you can (and should!) be doing with the extra space.

1. Your very own bar

Garage Bar

What could be more perfect at the end of the day than relaxing with a glass or bottle of your favourite tipple? Ok, well how about if you had all of the advantages of heading to a bar but without even having to leave the house?!

2. Lad pad rec room

Lad Pad Garage

…Or, if you want something a little  more than just a few mini fridges and stools, why not go for a full-on lad pad mecca? This rec room is the perfect hang out and will have your neighbours green with jealousy.

3. Home office space

Garage Home Office

How about if you need a little extra space for inspiration when it comes to getting the important things done? Long-gone are the days of fighting for space in the living room and spilling coffee all over those papers. Convert your garage into your very own dedicated office space.

4. Music room

Music Garage

We love the idea of having a room in the home dedicated solely to a main passion or hobby, and this has to be our favourite example by far. The garage can be the ideal place to listen to your favourite tunes and escape for a bit…in a sound-proofed environment, too!

5. Mini home brewery

Home Brewery

If you want to take it another step further than a home bar, then a home brewery may just be the perfect option. Turn your hobby into a true passion by making your own alcohol, just meters away from the rest of your living space.

6. Garage home gym

Garage Gym

A home gym automatically screams ‘luxury’, and if you want this little slice of luxury in your own home, the garage can be a great place for it. After all, it’s likely to be more spacious, cooler and more soundproof from the rest of the house.

7. Private home cinema

Home Cinema

A home cinema is amazing by anyone’s standards, but this one in particular has us desperate to dive into those squishy cushions and relax with friends and family whilst watching the latest flick.

8. Home spa

Home Spa

The perfect idea for the summer is to transform your garage into a room that will help keep the family cool and happy, and ridiculously relaxed, too! Why not install a hot tub in there and keep the use of glass heavy to let lots of sun shine in?

9. Mini all-in-one home in the garage

Mini home

Your home garage even holds the potential to become a home in its own right…or at least a mini home. We love the studio, attic apartment feel of this one and the space-saving loft bed idea is absolutely genius.

10. Extra living space

Garage Living Room

You can’t often mess with a classic, and this is a classic that we really love. Utilising your garage into another living space for your family can feel like a life saver, especially if your family is growing.