Younger Generation Support Green Energy

By on 17th December in Home Inspiration

A recent study suggests the younger generation are more open to the idea of ways to produce green electricity through renewable sources.

The Department of Energy and Climate Control carried out a poll which found a staggering 94 of youths thought there was great potential in offshore wind farms.

94 are also behind the use of solar panels to produce electricity and 81 support the development of wind technologies which could be used onshore too.

Charles Hendry, Energy and Climate change minister had nothing but praise for the Youth Panel who put forward their own views.

“I now invite other young people to get involved and continue the strong partnership between DECC and the next generation,” he added.

Solar Decreases Bills

Solar panels alone have the ability to decrease your bills, especially in a time like this where temperatures are sub zero, we need to save money wherever we can!

Last week a customer of Anglian who had solar panels installed in August has already received a letter from Npower saying he can decrease his direct debit, he then received a small wedge of money for overpayment since the panels were operating.

In 4 months the Photovoltaic panels have generated 1.2 Megawatts and saved over 800kg of CO2!

Now that’s reaping the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint!

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