Wonderful winter conservatories & orangeries

By on 26th November in Home Inspiration

Snow has hit parts of the country already and I cannot wait for it to hit Norfolk! The bright, soft white snow always gets me in the Christmas spirit, reminding me of being a kid writing my Christmas list in the conservatory with a winter wonderland surrounding me.

So, to get you all in the mood for the winter about to set in, I thought I would share with you a selection of beautiful conservatories, orangeries and other amazing glass structures surrounded by snow!


St Audries Park (Pinterest)

This is St Audries Park Orangery, a beautiful winter wedding venue. Image sourced from Pinterest

 Wrest Park in Winter

Wrest Park has this incredible orangery – I think it looks more like a mansion than a place that would’ve originally been built to store exotic fruits. With all of the snow everywhere, I can imagine some incredible festive parties being held here. Image sourced from English Heritage.

Muttart by pburris on Flickr

This is the Muttart conservatory (image sourced from pburris). This Canadian botanical garden looks spectacular in the snow.

Beautiful Swiss Architecture with Natural Landscape

These beautiful Swiss buildings are actually part of Tschuggen Grand Hotel and offer a luxurious spa area. I bet there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in one of these huts, looking out at the gorgeous Swiss surroundings. Image sourced from athenna.com

Cosy conservatory in winter

 Above and below is an Anglian conservatory that has retained a summery, bright feeling in the living room with the tropical plants, even though it’s sub-zero temperatures outside. Conservatories have had a history of being cold rooms not suitable for winter, but advancements in window technology mean they are now rooms you can enjoy all year round.

Winter conservatory

However, if you are like me, you may feel that Christmas isn’t on its way until you see this;

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