Finding windows to suit your home

By on 15th January in Home Inspiration

2014 has begun and I am sure you will be looking to improve your home this year, be it a lick of paint, a new kitchen or freshening up those windows. When looking at windows though, there is more choice than you may realise! You don’t have to settle for run of the mill, you can have a window that is perfect for your home and lifestyle.

Here is a quick description of the types of windows on offer and the types of home or person these would be great for.


These timeless classics are great for any home, but they look especially good on an older, more traditional looking house in my opinion. Anglian’s sash windows have retained all of the original charm, but got rid of the problems commonly faced with a sash window. You no longer have to worry about the windows sticking, rattling or having weights and cords to manoeuvre them, issues that would’ve been encountered over the years when first built.

These smooth gliding windows also tilt inwards for easier cleaning as well as offering all of the usual features of a window. Secure, available in a range of finishes and materials and energy saving meaning you can enjoy the warmth looking out onto the chilly Spring.

Timber sash windows

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and turn windows do exactly what they say on the metaphorical tin. Turn the handle 45 degrees and you can tilt the window open towards you. Push the window to close it, turn it another 45 degrees to an upward position and you can open the window fully, letting the fresh spring air into your home.

As they can open fully inside, it makes cleaning them a doddle! This type of window is ideal in any home, probably best suited in a more contemporary house. They are also commonly used in conservatories as a great way to circulate air.

Tilt and Turn windows

Flying Mullion

These windows remind me of Snow White, when she flings open the little cottage windows and leaves a pie to cool on the window sill. Flying Mullion windows open from the middle outwards so you have a clear view of the outside world, opening fully. Maybe you can recreate Snow White and have birds and wildlife at your window…or not.

Although these windows look great and retain heat wonderfully, their main purpose is a very practical one as they can be used as a fire escape. Safety first! They suit any home, be it your older stone built house or your new, funky contemporary home, the choice is yours.

Flying Mullion windows


These are a regular window available in varied sizes, finishes, styles and materials. Energy efficient, these windows are ideal for any home, old or new. You will see these windows in most homes as they are very popular, elegantly improving the look, feel and warmth of homes.

Casement windows will fit any home and you can add so many bells and whistles, you can make them unique for you. Add cottage bars, decorative glass, bevelled glass or dark woodgrain foiling. Two windows, three windows, four?

Casement windows

Shaped windows

You may not be wanting regular windows in your home, you may want something even more unique and stunning or you may have an odd shaped gap in your home that needs a window? These can be quite hard to source, but we have nearly 50 years experience in the industry and our skilled factory workers can make pretty much any shape window your heart desires. Don’t think you have to fill the gap to make it rectangular, we are sure we can help!

Curved stain glass window


EcoGain+ windows is an A+ rated window made exclusively by Anglian. It’s a+ rating means it can help heat your home by harvesting more energy from the Sun than it loses through the glass & frame. EcoGain+ is available in a range of styles and can be finished with White Knight or White Woodgrain.

EcoGain+ is a A+ rated window, the most energy saving window we offer, making more heat than it loses.

EcoGain+ window energy label

I guess the next question you are asking yourself is ‘how to I choose the right company?‘ This article may help.

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