Why You Should Insist on a Yale 3 Star Lock to Improve Your Home Security

By on 24th November in Home Inspiration

During the colder and darker winter months, crime tends to increase as there’s more shadows to disguise the opportunist criminal, which is why security should be a priority in your home. Over 70% of burglaries have gained access through a door, so a top quality lock on your front and back door is a must!

Of these burglaries, 37% have forced entry, however, the more worrying fact is 5% entered with a key! If you can’t account for all keys to your property, it’s time to change the locks.

A recent survey by Aviva found that nearly half (46%) of 18-24 year olds will make significant changes to their new home to make it more secure. This highlights how the younger generation are more prepared to improve the security of their properties, compared to the older generation who are less proactive – just 17% will improve the security of their new homes.

Aviva’s research found that the younger generation are more likely to move to a high crime area (34%), which is possibly why they’re keen to improve their home’s security! Whether you live in a high crime area or not, you should always ensure your belongings and loved ones are safe and secure.


Yale 3 Star Cylinder Lock

The Yale 3 Star Cylinder Lock is the highest specification available, complete with a British Standard (BS) Kitemark, which will be a boost to your home insurance, hopefully making it cheaper. After putting it through robust testing, it was awarded the 3 stars to signify that the locking mechanism has the top BS level of security.

The lock itself has been built in such a way it is anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-snap and anti-plug extraction. If you combine this supreme security with a solid composite door that has strong steel keeper plates and robust hinges and you have yourself a very secure door.

Anglian now use Yale Locks on all of their doors

If your home doesn’t currently have this it isn’t as secure as it could be! 70% of those surveyed by Aviva changed the locks for their doors and windows, whilst 11% made changes to surveillance cameras, a great deterrent to any potential thief.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s security, here’s our top 4 tips to make your home more secure.

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